My First Blog Post…

Last night I dreamed that I was really thirsty so I filled a glass with water, drank it, and was satisfied.  BUT then I’d get thirsty again so I’d fill my glass again, drink it, and be satisfied again and this kept repeating over and over again.  When I woke up this morning, guess what?… I was thirsty!  As I was filling a glass with water a thought “popped” into my head… Jesus is the Living Water.  Coincidence?? NO! 

I have been feeling down and just flat out negative on Monday and Tuesday of this week for no apparent reason.  Well at least it wasn’t apparent to me until today.  I haven’t been down in awhile and I thought maybe it was because “Aunt Flow” had come for a visit or maybe it was Satan pulling at me because God was about to use me in a big way or maybe it was because I didn’t take the time to rest and relax on the Sabbath as I had been doing.  I didn’t set aside this past Sunday to “listen”.  I’m pretty sure it was a little bit of all of the above. 

Today I found the beauty of having the Holy Spirit, our Counselor, living in my heart is that He never gives up.  God’s will, WILL BE DONE!  When He needs to get our attention, He will, one way or another!  I realized from my dream that I must continually fill my glass with Living Water and I’m thirsty (a.k.a. feeling down) I need to ask myself if I have made time to “listen” to my Counselor because He is always with me – I just have to choose to make the time and take the ear plugs out. 

I think getting “the blues” on Monday and Tuesday was God’s way of showing me I can’t do it without listening to Him and letting Him lead me!!  Satan is always lurking, watching, and waiting to seep in… and God allowed him to on Monday and Tuesday to show me and remind me how dark my life can be when I don’t choose to let His light shine through me.  That is why God sent His one and only Son to die for our sins and be ressurected… so that the Holy Spirit could be sent to live in me and you… counsel me and you…  convict me and you… comfort me and you… show me and you His Way, His Truth, and His Light.

Lord, I am so thankful for the way you have used the people in my life to draw me to You.  Thankful that You will take my mistakes and use them for Your good!  Thankful that You continually remind me that I must choose to follow You and what my life is like when I choose not to.

Since 7 p.m. last night this is how constant His reminders have been….

– We discussed what we read in the book of Acts over the past week in my Disciple bible study class about the power of the Holy Spirit…. Ironic? NO!  Coincidence? NO!
– A woman in my Bible study class gave me a hug as we were leaving and said “You just glow”…. but I know it’s not “me” glowing but Christ through me.  He was using me for her and then used her to help comfort me when I had been feeling down πŸ™‚  God is too cool!
– My new role of leader for our Girlfriends Mission Group was heavy on my mind all day yesterday.   This morning when I checked my e-mail two women had e-mailed me regarding this… Ironic?  NO!  Coincidence? NO!  He used them as breadcrumbs so I will stay on the path.
– Proverbs 31 Ministry devotion for today “Retreat with Jesus” discussed setting time aside to be alone with Jesus.  Which then prompted me to read Lisa TerKeurst blog that I had not read in awhile discussed being content and allowing God to interrupt your day and being content with those interruptions.

It’s not that He wasn’t using people to get my attention on Monday and Tuesday but today I chose to take my ear plugs out and “listen” and to “seek” Him…. I realized I was thirsting for Him.

“And you will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart.”  Jeremiah 29:13

Please ignore any typo’s I had to publish this right away before I “chickened out” πŸ™‚


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