Treasures On Earth

These are three of my treasures here on earth.  Chance has one of the best hearts and once he allows God to work in him watch out world BIG, and I mean BIG, changes are in store.  Seth is my sweet, patient listener who has a curious mind… he will listen to me not just with his ears but with his heart.  Mark is my rough around the edges but gooey on the inside husband… he is my puzzle piece… we just fit.  We are opposite in so many areas, where he excels I stumble and where I excel he stumbles – so it makes for a bumpy, wild, EXCITING ride.  It would be soooo boring if we were just alike.  Mark and Chance are so much alike it’s not even funny and what I said about Chance allowing God to work in him applies to Mark as well – they have a lot to offer but don’t realize it …………………… YET!
These three are in my prayers and thoughts several times a day and I can’t wait until they realize their NEED for Jesus – but I KNOW He longs for that even more than I do and He will continue to work in their lives.

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