For over two and half years I have written only to God in my journal.  I want to be intentionally transparent so I am going to start sharing what He teaches me or places on my heart or what I am working through emotionally, physically, and spiritually because maybe, just maybe, there is someone who needs to know they are not alone.

I journal to process, analyze, and understand my own thoughts. I journal to welcome God into my thoughts – not that He doesn’t already know those thoughts, but more as a way for me to acknowledge He knows them and ask for His help.  I journal in hopes that someone along the way will read and really understand who I was.  I don’t hide my journal, I don’t keep it under lock and key, but I don’t usually share what I put in it… unless asked. I guess I want someone to really understand me but maybe not now while I am still alive because I don’t want to own up to the thoughts I record to the people who see me on a regular basis.  And I ask myself why???  Why not be transparent??? We all have scars on the inside.  But the honest answer is it is SCARY to let those who love you in on your internal struggles much less people you don’t know but I want to be intentional in becoming transparent.  I mean really if we were all transparent it wouldn’t be so scary!!


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