Change is coming…

While reading in Jeremiah and Ecclesiastes this morning I was led to pray for my boys and my husband with boldness and confidence that my prayers and proclamations would be heard. My prayers would be heard because my heart was repentant. The plank had been removed from my eye! Without fear, I share my prayers and proclamations from my time at Papa’s feet ….
Lord, this morning I lift up my youngest son to You. Holy Spirit, guide this prayer of mine. I pray he learns early in this life what Solomon realized at the end of his. I pray he will not clutch at foolishness while seeking wisdom. I pray he will understand that obtaining everything men desire is meaningless apart from You! Papa, I pray he will know without doubt that true joy and pleasure are only found in You. I pray he will eat and drink the fruits of his labor and clearly understand and appreciate these fruits as gifts from You. I pray he works at everything he does as if he is working for You so that when fruits come he will KNOW WITHOUT DOUBT that he worked for You and the rewards are from You. I pray You will give him eyes to see early in his life that EVERYTHING apart from You is without meaning and joy and that pure satisfaction comes from You and NOTHING apart from You! I pray this understanding will be given to him while he is young so that his life will be spent in close, constant communication with You. I pray the dreams You have given him and for him will become clear at a young age and that he will be able to find satisfaction and fulfillment from living Your will for him. I pray with every breath he takes, the enemy will flee because Your power and will are present in his life. I pray You will bless him and keep him. I pray You will smile upon him and be gracious to him. I pray You will watch over him and give him peace. I pray he will spend each day of his life knowing without doubt my love for him and more importantly that he will see my love for him as a small sample of Your vast, all encompassing, unending, unconditional, never failing love for him. I thank you for my little hallelujah boy!!
I lift up my oldest to You, Papa. I thank You this morning and know You are at work restoring the years the locust have eaten in his life. He is so VERY precious to You and You know what an emotional hell he has lived thus far…. BUT, You Lord have begun the restoration. You will take both of our failures and struggles and use them to bring unimaginable beauty from them. Tears will flow from our eyes of awestruck amazement over Your love and grace. It is no longer a time to tear, but is now a time to mend. It is no longer a time to be quiet but is now a time to speak. It is no longer a time for war but is now a time for peace. It is no longer a time for chasing the wind, but a time of realization that true joy and satisfaction are ONLY found in You, Papa. Now is the time for what has happened before to happen again. Now is the time for Your light to shine, revealing Your glory. What was lost will now be found! What the enemy tried to destroy, You will restore for Your glory. What the enemy sought to tempt with, will no longer be a temptation because what was dirty has been made clean. The lies of condemnation will no longer be heard for there is no condemnation in Christ. Hope has come and it is in You, Jesus. You have prepared me fully to be blown away by the glory I am about to see so that when I see it and when others see it we will stand in awe and amazement at Your power alone to make what “seems” impossible, possible.
I boldly proclaim in Your name Jesus, that I will be Your hands and feet to my husband. I will be the wife he needs by following the Holy Spirit’s guidance. I will deny my flesh for it’s only purpose is to please my selfishness. Thank you Papa, for my husband. Thank You for eyes to see him for who You created him to be and I pray for strength in helping him see that person for himself. I pray my husband will receive the blessings that come from my time spent at Your feet. I pray he will experience You above and beyond anything he has ever seen or heard about You. I pray You ignite and set his heart ablaze to know You for himself, not what others have taught him about You. I pray he will set sail on the biggest adventure of his life… seeking You!! Why do I get giddy with excitement over him taking this adventure of seeking You for himself? Because WITHOUT DOUBT… I know it to be a proven fact and promise that when he seeks, he will find You! What was planted, will be harvested, as soon as the seed breaks through the shell that is hidden in darkness and searches, for himself, the Light that gives what is needed, leading to growth.

In Jesus’ Powerful Name I Pray,


What you can’t see in a picture….

Ok, so tomorrow I am guest posting over at and for the last week I kept thinking I am writing a guest post and I haven’t posted on my blog since last year.

Bottom line is God didn’t finish His work in me, He didn’t quit leading me, and my desire to share what He has taught me didn’t fade……I’ve just been paralyzed or distracted….. Again!  But for the last week the following has been on my heart to share, so here it goes…

chicago 2003

This is a picture of me and my boys that I posted last week for Throwback Thursday on Facebook.  It is one of my favorite pictures for several reasons, one of which is because if I had a rewind button I would love to go back to that very moment in time.

I look at that picture and I see positives, like my face with fewer wrinkles and my hair that was actually colored by professional.  I see my extremely observant, caring, worry wart so young and innocent and I see my little encourager full of joy and happiness.  I have so many good memories from this trip!!

Sadly, I also know the negatives that aren’t seen in this picture.  I remember the selfishness that was hidden inside me.  I was a self centered mom with rottenness in my heart.

Honestly, I could give you a huge list of things I wish I knew then or things that I would have done differently but the ONE thing that would have ACTUALLY made a difference would have been if I had surrendered my life to Christ.

I knew about Jesus then…. but really know Him, not even close.  I had no imaginable idea of what I was missing out on.  I loved going to church when I was a little girl, truly loved it.  I even met my husband at a church.  But going to church and KNOWING Jesus don’t always go hand in hand.  It is possible to have one without the other.

Jesus changed everything for me!  EVERYTHING!!  So now when you see me with wrinkles and gray roots that are long over do for coloring…. Smile and know I am no longer chained to appearances.  Please don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and your appearance, but just like some things become addictions for some and not others; when I focus on my appearance, vain and selfish thoughts come more readily and I start focusing more on me and that is a road I don’t even want to look in the direction of again.