What you can’t see in a picture….

Ok, so tomorrow I am guest posting over at www.ilovedevotionals.com and for the last week I kept thinking I am writing a guest post and I haven’t posted on my blog since last year.

Bottom line is God didn’t finish His work in me, He didn’t quit leading me, and my desire to share what He has taught me didn’t fade……I’ve just been paralyzed or distracted….. Again!  But for the last week the following has been on my heart to share, so here it goes…

chicago 2003

This is a picture of me and my boys that I posted last week for Throwback Thursday on Facebook.  It is one of my favorite pictures for several reasons, one of which is because if I had a rewind button I would love to go back to that very moment in time.

I look at that picture and I see positives, like my face with fewer wrinkles and my hair that was actually colored by professional.  I see my extremely observant, caring, worry wart so young and innocent and I see my little encourager full of joy and happiness.  I have so many good memories from this trip!!

Sadly, I also know the negatives that aren’t seen in this picture.  I remember the selfishness that was hidden inside me.  I was a self centered mom with rottenness in my heart.

Honestly, I could give you a huge list of things I wish I knew then or things that I would have done differently but the ONE thing that would have ACTUALLY made a difference would have been if I had surrendered my life to Christ.

I knew about Jesus then…. but really know Him, not even close.  I had no imaginable idea of what I was missing out on.  I loved going to church when I was a little girl, truly loved it.  I even met my husband at a church.  But going to church and KNOWING Jesus don’t always go hand in hand.  It is possible to have one without the other.

Jesus changed everything for me!  EVERYTHING!!  So now when you see me with wrinkles and gray roots that are long over do for coloring…. Smile and know I am no longer chained to appearances.  Please don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with taking care of yourself and your appearance, but just like some things become addictions for some and not others; when I focus on my appearance, vain and selfish thoughts come more readily and I start focusing more on me and that is a road I don’t even want to look in the direction of again.


2 thoughts on “What you can’t see in a picture….

  1. I came across your wonderful blog, Who is leading E, when I saw your guest entry on ilovedevotioinals. I have been so greatly encouraged by your writing and how bravely you have shared your feelings. I have suffered with a depressive illness for the last 30 years. In fact it’s what first prompted me to ask Jesus into my life all those years ago. But I have felt such shame and failure at not being able to shake it off completely, still in the thick of the battle with this thing even now. On reading through your blog, I could so readily identify with the feelings and emotions that so many of us go through, but not everyone is able to voice so well. The verses of Scripture you gave in your entry entitled Grey Cloud were a true comfort and reminder of just how much God is for us! Thank you, and don’t stop. You have a precious gift in your hands.

    • I can’t thank you enough for your sweet and encouraging comment! Your comment came at a time of doubt – questioning whether I heard The Lord right about putting my personal struggles out there for others to read. Thank you for taking the time to encourage me to stick with it! What a beautiful testimony you gave to the fact that when we are weak He is strong and that He can use EVERYTHING to bring glory to His name.

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